Our Ink –  

1. Make quality duplex printing. Emulsifying agents integrate ink, water and oil into granules, in the direction from inside to outside.
   They turn into instant dry ink, which keep the back of printing paper clean and improve the quality of duplex printing.
2. The ink has strong adhesiveness to extend shelf life of printed materials.
3. High density ink will improve the quality of printed materials.
4. The impermeable feature will facilitate tissue paper printing.


Our Master -

1. High resolutions. They are made of 1.6μm thick precision polyesters and 30-40μm thick fiber paper, possessing 300-600dpi high resolutions
   and high sensitivity. The finest features of the original may be fully reflected on the master.
2. High applications. The wax of the master is protected with a layer of fiber
tissue paper. It makes ink spread on paper in a more
   balanced way. Each master will be able to print more paper.


Why our Ink and Master

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