Harm in the use of poor quality Master:

1.      Damage thermal heads.  Poor quality master is often made of raw materials containing a mass of impure ions. The impure materials will remain at the thermal head in the process of master making, to the effect of poor heat conduction at parts of the thermal head and shorten the service life of the thermal head.

2.      Burn engines. Poor quality master does not have trailer labels. Since they cannot identify the trail of the master, machines continue to make plates when the master comes to the trail of the roll. Subsequently, master delivery bears excessive load and burn the paper feeding engine.

3.      Poor printing quality.  Poor quality master has instable quality and uneven structure, leading to unbalanced heating. In turn, the effect of master making and printing comes down. Poor quality master has uneven intensity. When printing a mass of paper in a single , some ink holes might tear up or twist in the plate.


Damages of poor quality ink:

1.      Burn the engine. Poor quality ink has short shelf life. Water and ink are easily separated to intensify ink thickness, intensify ink supply system load, and easily burn ink supply engine.

2.      Jam the gauze. Big granules might wall up the gauze, resulting in unsharp printing. Besides, ink will accumulate increasingly in the drum to add up the load of drum driving engine and destroy the main engine and mainboard.

3.      Damage the line. Poor quality printing oil with instable conductivity will disable the testing circuit board. Ink will be continuously added to the drum to damage the lines within the drum.

4.      Destroy the ink supply system. The long-term use of corrosive materials will naturally damage the ink supply system, weaken the sealing property of ink engine, and finally disable the ink supply capacity.



How to recognize the quality of Ink and Master

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