Digital Duplicator, is a printing technology designed for high-volume print jobs (20 copies or more). Digital Duplicator can provide a reliable and cost efficient alternative to toner-based copiers or offset printing equipment.

Digital Duplicators are known for very high speed in comparison to other printing methods. They are able to produce anywhere from 60 to 180 prints per minute, while maintaining a per page cost that can be as low as 1/3 of a cent. They are also considered very reliable because they do not use heat or copier components, such as toner..

The first true digital duplicator was developed and introduced by Riso Kagaku Corporation in August 1986. since the late 1980's digital duplicators have become the standard amongst users that have demanded low cost copies, high productivity and ease of use. Today's digital duplicators have improved upon these benefits. They are as simple to operate as the office copier, have far greater flexibility to print onto stocks like envelopes, carbonless and card stocks and are loaded with great features. Because of the environmental friendliness of these devices, the are recognized as Energy Star compliant by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Digital Duplicators are ideal for use in educational institutions, government agencies, health care organizations and HMOs, non-profit organizations and "quick print" shops.


What's Digital Duplicators

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